Flood tracking for disasters and insurance.

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The official SatelLite flood map provider

We use satellites and AI to track floods in near real-time anywhere on earth to insure risk and save lives.


We are the scientific standard.

Global Coverage

We fuse together a global network of optical and radar satellites to monitor floods anywhere on earth. Our industry-leading algorithms smooth out difficult terrain and eliminate clouds to see the floods below.

Ground Truth Observations

Traditional flood maps use hydrology models and simulations to predict flood risk. We directly observe floods without ground equipment to measure risk better than traditional models for frequent flood events.

Real-time Tracking

We monitor and analyze flooding events as they unfold. By combining daily satellite observations with high-frequency precipitation and ground data, we pinpoint flooded areas and whether things are getting better or worse.

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We measure risk better than traditional models for frequent flooding.
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Traditional Model

Cloud to Street


Measure what matters
with continuous reporting.

Our product monitors people and assets at risk, pinpoints blocked roads, and measures the amount of property and agricultural damage. Get mobile alerts for emerging risks, see every flood in the past 30 years, or download a comprehensive analytics report.

Cloud to Street for Insurance.

Better understand and underwrite flood risk, monitor and react to flood events as they evolve, and prioritize claims by severity and potential fraud. We enable insurers to price premiums more accurately and use objective flood data to validate and trigger claims payments.


On the ground to protect communities and save lives.


governments and institutions rely on our platform


new funds secured with our data


people monitored in the platform


vulnerable people relocated from risky areas


WFP Congo

Over 3 years, our products enabled the UN World Food Program and Republic of the Congo government to quickly identify floods in days instead of weeks, relocate 7,000 refugees at risk, secure millions in emergency aid, and target relief to over 250,000 people during major emergencies.

"The Cloud to Street dashboard... provided the infrastructure to detect and respond more quickly to floods that previously did not exist."
Director of Prevention and Risk Reduction to Catastrophe

Republic of the Congo 🇨🇩


Willis Towers Watson

Prior to working with Cloud to Street, the reinsurance brand of Willis Towers Watson (WillisRe) did not have the data to offer flood insurance to Indonesians living outside major urban centers. Using the Cloud to Street flood analytics platform, Willis identified and developed flood insurance for new people and assets across the country.

"Cloud to Street enabled us to leverage this new type of data in the most efficient way and develop a new insurance model in Southeast Asia."
Hubert Bast

Head of Analytics and Model Development
Willis Re (Reinsurance at Willis Towers Watson)

Scientific Publications

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