Flood Tracking for Disasters and Insurance

Floods are the costliest natural disaster on Earth.

Cloud to Street’s Flood Intelligence Platform provides critical insights to insure flood risk and save lives.

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Industry-Leading Flood Intelligence

Cloud to Street’s technology fuses satellite imagery and on-the-ground intelligence with machine learning to produce the most accurate and comprehensive flood maps on the market.

Cloud to Street
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The Scientific Authority on Mapping Floods

30+ years of data

We leverage satellite data from the past 35 years, enabling the design of parametric policies that can’t be built with flood models alone.

Near real-time monitoring

Our monitoring is flexible. We work with 17 public and private satellites, down to 30 cm resolution, for cost-effective global coverage in near real-time.

Cutting-edge analytics

Combining hydrology with our world-class computer vision algorithms, we can see through clouds and interpolate between direct observations.

Use Cases

​​Billions of people, and trillions of dollars in assets, are at risk of flooding around the world. Cloud to Street enables decision makers to protect and plan for disasters.

Parametric Insurance

Underwrite parametric flood policies with the most precise flood analytics on the market.

Claims Management

Improve your claims management process with near-real time analyses of any flood event.

Disaster Response

Respond to global flood emergencies with a clear picture of affected populations and required aid.

Risk Analysis

Leverage 30 years of historic flood maps to understand risk and minimize exposure.

Case Studies

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Our Impact


Governments and institutions supported by our platform


Countries mapped in our platform


People monitored globally


Vulnerable people relocated from risky areas

case study

Emergency Flood Response in Republic of the Congo

Emergency Flood Response in Republic of the Congo

Over 3 years, Cloud to Street enabled Republic of the Congo’s government to quickly identify floods in days instead of weeks, relocate at-risk refugees at risk, secure millions in emergency aid, and target relief to the most high-impact populations during major emergencies.

“Cloud to Street’s Flood Intelligence Platform provided the infrastructure to detect and respond more quickly to floods that previously did not exist."
Director of Prevention and Risk Reduction to Catastrophe Republic of the Congo
WFP Republic of the Congo
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case study

Flood Monitoring in Sudan

Flood Monitoring for Emergency Response

The World Food Programme in Sudan used Cloud to Street’s flood intelligence to support flood monitoring, emergency response, and risk analysis throughout the 2021 rainy season.

"Continuous monthly flood report updates during the entire rainfall season, and weekly reports during the peak of the rainfall season, helped enhance decision making regarding specific areas to give priority in terms of implementing response activities."
Mark Aragno
WFP Sudan
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Cover of Nature Journal of Science

A Fundamentally Different Approach to Flood Science

Cloud to Street invented a way to see floods anywhere on Earth at any time. Our flood monitoring work was recently featured on the cover of Nature.

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"Cloud to Street enabled us to leverage this new type of data in the most efficient way and develop a new insurance model in Southeast Asia."

Head of Analytics and Model Development
Willis Re (Reinsurance at Willis Towers Watson)


The World’s Largest Collection of Flood Maps

We created the largest, most accurate collection of flood maps in the world. The Global Flood Database is free and open-sourced. It offers a comprehensive view of flood exposure around the world.

This database combines 15 years of data on 913 floods with human settlement maps across 169 countries to help scientists, governments, and financial institutions better prepare and protect against the risks of flooding.

Explore the library and download any map at 250 meter resolution.

Tropical Storm, Surge
Duration: 21 days
Casualties: 1053
This region is showing a 42% decrease in
population exposed to flooding between
2000 to 2015
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500, 000
sq km
Precipitation over flood period
Bar graph displaying the amount of people displaced in a flood

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Cloud to Street?

Cloud to Street is the scientific authority on flood mapping and flood intelligence. Powered by satellites, machine learning, and on-the-ground observation, our Flood Intelligence Platform provides previously inaccessible data to insurance companies and governments to insure risk and inform better flood preparedness.

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What makes Cloud to Street's approach different?

Our team pioneered satellite flood tracking. While traditional flood science relies on ground sensing equipment and flood models, Cloud to Street uses satellites to track floods from the sky, as they happen. We combine satellite imagery with computer vision and traditional flood data to create the most precise and actionable flood maps available, anywhere in the world.

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How does Cloud to Street help protect against flood risk?

Over $15 trillion of GDP is estimated to be at risk of flood by 2040. The only way to insure against this risk, respond to flood disasters, and help communities adapt is with exceptionally precise data. Cloud to Street’s approach to tracking floods provides a single source of truth on historical flood risk, as well as flooding as it happens.

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