We're a team of scientists, technologists, and disaster experts on a mission to help protect the world from flood risk and save lives.


Bessie Schwarz


Dr. Beth Tellman

Co-founder &
chief science officer

Colin Doyle

Principal Scientist

Emmalina Glinskis

Head of Deployment

Dr. Subit Chakrabarti

Director of technology

Rohan Srinivasan

Head of Operations

Peter Lacovara

Head of Commercial

Bridget Hickey

Director of Marketing

Tanya Nair

Machine Learning Engineer

Veda Sunkara

Machine learning Engineer

Cole Erickson

Senior Software engineer

Nick Leach

Machine Learning Engineer

Tyler Anderson

Remote sensing Manager

Max Goodman

remote sensing scientist

Afolarin Lawal

remote sensing Analyst

Philip Popien


Katie Woodman

Finance manager

Savannah Richardson

operations Associate

Ben Cooley

UX Designer Affiliate

Ori Levari

Software engineer

Annalee Tai

Partner success Manager

Dr. Nikoo Ekhtiari

Software Engineer

Jonathan Frame

Senior Hydrologist

Alexa Lopez

Remote Sensing Analyst

Paolo Corti

Senior Software ENgineer

Dr. Olivier D'Hondt

Senior Synthetic Aperture RadaR (SAR) Scientist

Katya Potapov

Software Engineer


Dr. Peter Kareiva

President & CEO, Aquarium of the pacific

Dr. Venkataraman Lakshmi

professor of engineering and the environment, UNiversity of virginia

Dr. Upmanu Lall

director, Columbia water center


Clay Dumas

Partner, lowercarbon capital, lowercase capital

Lily Bernicker

Principal, collaborative fund

Craig Shapiro

FOunder, Managing partner, collaborative fund

Marty Schneider

Board chair, IDEO
Managing Partner,
Fine capital partners

John Loser

Co-founder and managing Director, Floating point Partners

Dan Hammer

earthrise media group

Eddie Segel

Co-founder and managing Director, Floating point Partners

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