Dr. Nikoo Ekhtiari


Nikoo Ekhtiari completed her PhD in Physics at the Department of Physics, Humboldt University of Berlin, while working as a doctoral researcher at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK). During her Ph.D. program, she analyzed revealing patterns in climate data sets via network science-based approaches and sophisticated time series analysis toolsets.

Later on, she extend her data science expertise in geospatial data at UP42, focusing on cloud applications, API connections with Python, improving computer-vision skills for developing deep learning algorithm as well as enhancing software development skills such as TDD, object-oriented methodology, Git, Docker, and CI/CD. As a geospatial data scientist, she was responsible for enabling user, easy and automated access to the different EO data such as Satellite imagery, DEM, weather data, etc.

Nikoo is an avid learner of new methods in computer science like machine learning as well as deep learning and applying them to different domains such as computer vision.

She has a huge list of general interest, but, philosophy, space, psychology, anything related to our brain, and robots are her favourites.

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