Max Goodman


As a Remote Sensing Scientist, Max focuses on improving data quality and user experience in Cloud to Street's disaster analytics products, bridging the gap between scientific nuance and actionable reporting.
He is an alumnus of the Earth Institute at Columbia University, where he graduated with a BA in Sustainable Development focusing on GIS analytics. Max was a member of Project Drawdown’s inaugural cohort of undergraduate scholars, where he used remote sensing to quantitatively capture the tradeoff between albedo-based warming and carbon-based cooling in high-latitude afforestation. Professionally, he is interested in leveraging remote sensing towards environmental planning, both for decarbonization and resilience. He is also fascinated by political ecology, economics, and ethics as they relate to sustainability decision-making.

Max has authored an op-ed on Why We Need Climate Stoicism to Overcome Climate Despair, and you can read more about Max's outside projects on his personal website.

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