Current Openings

Software Engineer

We are looking for software engineers at all levels to implement scalable geospatially-oriented solutions aiming to quantify the impact of catastrophic flooding and create practical decision-support tools for disaster responders, flood managers, and insurers. In this role, you will lead the development of software infrastructure to help process remote sensing imagery and implement algorithms on the processed imagery at scale.

Director of Marketing

We are looking for a world-class marketer with all around skills to maintain and grow Cloud to Street’s brand and develop the marketing strategy for our insurance and government products.

Radar Remote Sensing Scientist

We are looking for a best-in-class remote sensing scientist with expertise in analysis of high-resolution synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imagery to lead algorithm development for flood detection. You will work closely with our team’s remote sensing scientists, machine learning engineers, and hydrologists to build novel flood analytics and practical decision-support tools for disaster responders, flood managers, and insurers.

Senior Infrastructure Engineer

We are looking for a Senior Infrastructure Engineer to lead the development of cloud infrastructure at Cloud to Street. As part of a small engineering team, you will be responsible for a wide range of engineering work spanning infrastructure, DevOps, and site reliability engineering.

Head of Commercial

We are looking for a Head of Commercial to develop and lead all business units for our fast-growing company. This position will report directly to the CEO and be part of senior management.

Account Executive

We are looking for a proven sales leader to lead revenue generation for our current products and help develop the business model for new product lines. This position will work with the CEO and Heads of Deployment and Product, and has the opportunity to grow a sales operation under them.

Team Benefits

  • Generous vacation package
  • Healthcare & dental insurance
  • Professional development fund
  • Equity
  • Paid parental leave
  • Work from home office support

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