Dr. Beth Tellman


Dr. Beth Tellman is the Chief Scientist and Co-founder of Cloud to Street, where she oversees the science team to map flood exposure, risk, and social vulnerability. She has been passionate about reducing flood vulnerability for vulnerable communities since she worked in flood relief and resilience efforts in El Salvador from 2009-2012. Beth received her PhD in Geographical Sciences from Arizona State University in 2019. She engages in a wide array of disciplines and methods from land system science, to hydrology, to the social sciences to understand and map the causes and consequences of vulnerability. Beth received her M.S from Yale School of Forestry in Environmental Science and B.S in Sustainable Globalization from Santa Clara University. She is a former Fulbright fellow, National Science Foundation Graduate Fellow, and a fellow at Echoing Green.

She has been published numerous academic publications, including Anthropocene, Eos, and more.

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